How to work out area


Cubic Meter  (M 3) - Length X Width X Depth

Square Meter (m2) - Length X Width

Post Holes - Diameter X Diameter X 


  • 16 Bags of Cement

  • 6:1 - 6 Shovels of Concrete Blend to 1 Shovel of Cement


  • ​20 Bags of Cement

  • 4:1 - 4 Shovels of Concrete Blend to 1 Shovel of Cement


  • 20 Bags of Cement

  • 4:1 - 4 Shovels of Sand to 1 Bag of Cement


  • 14 Bags of Cement

  • 8 Shovels of Concrete Blend to 1 Shovel of Cement



In Gardens-

Double the thickness of your rock. This will give you a good cover.


Driveways & Pathways-

A good depth is

50 - 75mm



Ensure the area is thoroughly watered

before Mulching.

A good covering when Mulching is

a suggested depth of at least

70-100mm this will help with keeping

weeds at bay and improve soil moisture.

Keep the mulch clear of the stem of 

your trees and plants.

Enter area amount below

Results when using centimeters 

1'000'000 = 1 square meter

500'000 = half square meter

250'000 = quarter meter

If any measurement is less than 1 meter enter amounts in centimeters. 
2.5m Length
3m Width 
0.40m Depth
250cm x 300cm x 40cm
Equivalent to 3 meters squared. 

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